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In this section, we provide information for our patients, who are planning surgery or have already had surgery, to assist them in getting the best results and the most benefits from their surgery.  We provide complete support for our patients, and make this information freely available to others.  We are dismayed that many surgeons perform weight-loss operations, but do not provide information, instructions and follow-up to help their patients achieve the best results.  We regret that we cannot offer support or answer questions for those who are not our patients, and we suggest that such questions be directed to your own surgeon.

Post-Operative Nutrition -- General Concepts


The Four Rules for Successful Weight Loss

Follow our food and exercise recommendations for optimum weight loss, and long-term weight control, using the Gastric Bypass as a your tool, to achieve a lifetime of normal size.


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Support Groups

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How Does the Gastric Bypass Work?

Dietary Principles & Suggestions

Why Exercise?  What Exercise?

Food Selections & Ideas