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What is Morbid Obesity?

Medically, the word "morbid" means causing disease or injury. Morbid Obesity is a serious disease process, in which the accumulation of fatty tissue on the body becomes excessive, and interferes with, or injures the other bodily organs, causing serious and life-threatening health problems, which are called co-morbidities.

Morbid Obesity is also called Clinically Severe Obesity, and is recognized by the consensus of medical opinion as a very serious health problem, a disease process. In most cases, the underlying cause is genetic -- you inherit the tendency to gain weight, and once the problem is established, there is very little that will power can do about it -- any more than a diabetic might control his blood sugar by will power.

How do we know it's genetic?

Numerous scientific studies have established that there is a very powerful genetic predisposition to Morbid Obesity:

How do you know if you are Morbidly Obese?

We use three criteria:

What can you do to regain your health?

In our opinion, surgery is the only effective way to achieve lasting weight control, and a healthy body weight.

A person who chooses surgery can reasonably anticipate loss of at least 50% of excess body weight (average loss is 80%), as well as improved health, and the chance to live life in a normal-sized body.

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