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Being very overweight is a serious problem, because of its health effects, interference with a happy life, and the frustration of dieting and not losing. If you suffer from uncontrollable weight problems, you need to know about your disease, and about the most successful way of treating it.

We are surgeons who specialize in advanced surgical treatment of Clinically Severe Obesity, a condition recognized by medical authorities as a major health problem in the United States today.  

This sites contribution surgeons were the first in the world to perform Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Roux en-Y, and the rest of the world followed thier lead.  We suggest you find the best surgeon that uses only the latest proven medical techniques, including Laparoscopic surgery, advanced pain management techniques, and long-term support and follow-up. Patients can and do achieve major weight loss, a healthful and vigorous body, and long-term weight control.

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Check out our new nationwide obesity care directory. Every doctor is a member of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery. You will see a picture of their website and pertinent information and links to help you choose a doctor and weight loss surgery treatment center that will ultimately determine whether you are a candidate for such treatments as the lap band or stomach stapling. It's quick and free! Find a weight loss surgeon now!
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