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Surgery and Obesity - Links to Other Resources and Information

Try some of these links to learn more about Obesity, its adverse effects on health, and the potential benefits of surgery.

National Institutes of Health
Consensus Development Report on Surgical Treatment of Obesity.

American Society for Bariatric Surgery
The society of surgeons who have a special interest and expertise in surgery for obesity.

Gastric Surgery for Severe Obesity
NIH - National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Shape Up America
Dr. C. Everett Koop's project to improve the health of Americans through weight consciousness.

Olwen's Links on Surgery of Obesity
Wide variety of sources of information, both pro and con.

Obesity Law and Advocacy Center
For information and assistance with insurance approvals, in difficult cases.

American Dietetic Association
Position on Surgical Treatment of Obesity, from the dietary specialists.

BioEnterics Corporation
Manufacturer of the Laparoscopic Band

Statistics Related to Obesity
NIH NIDDK Publication

Vista Medical Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of Heads Up Display used in surgery

Other Websites with Info:

Gaining on Fat
Scientific American Article

Less Invasive Surgery treats Severe Obesity
Health Central - Dr. Dean Edell's Info Site

Dr. Dean Edell, one of the first physician broadcasters in the nation, is the host of America's second most popular syndicated radio talk show, The Dr. Dean Edell Show, heard in more than 400 radio stations, as well as the anchor of Medical Minutes, a series of ten weekly radio medical reports. He is also the host of the daily 90-second Medical Report seen in 75 television markets. Dr. Edell is known for translating complicated medical information into concise, easy-to-understand reports and for tackling topics that are obscure, unusual and often controversial.


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